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Pops n' Drops

4.4 ( 6864 ratings )
Lifestyle Games Arcade Puzzel
Developer: ARise USA

Virtual Candy Gaming with Your Favorite Treats

Flavorville needs your help! Our Original Gourmet Lollipops are in such high demand that we must harvest them more quickly!

So grab your Lollisack and take Lollifarming to the third dimension! Spin, zoom and grab drops from your Lollitower as they rain from the sky to become the biggest Lollidrops collector in Flavorville! Boost your score with longer chains and combos. Be sure to hurry though! Lollidrops must be gathered immediately to preserve their magical Original Gourmet flavor. Dont let this harvest go to waste!

Plant your drops in your Lolligarden to harvest an entirely new crop of every delicious Original Gourmet Lollipop flavor! 

Featuring special power moves, online score tracking, achievements and an augmented reality mode for even more fun. 

Become a Lollidrop harvesting master by buying Original Gourmet Lollidrops and entering the UPC code for even more power ups!

This tastes like fun!